Bhutan Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Bhutan and yoga go hand in hand. This is the perfect place to begin your journey to wellness and enlightenment. With a steady practice of yoga during your stay, you are bound to go home refreshed and relaxed with all the worries of your regular life thousands of miles away. Give yourself over to the experience of a yoga trip to Bhutan.


The itineraries on each day can be tailored to fit independent solo travelers, groups or families, and even yoga clubs. A wondrous trip awaits you around every corner, with discoveries of delight to explore for a destination you’ll never forget. Bhutan is one of the oldest and most mystical places in the world in the eastern Himalayas. Come experience all that Bhutan and yoga have to offer your mind, body, and soul with this restorative retreat. For the body to be ill or unwell is never preferred, but it is okay, as long as the mind is healthy. Re-balance your mind, body and soul on our wellness and yoga retreats.


The retreat traditions of the Bhutanese lifestyle go back hundreds of years. In the rush and crush of modern life, the rarities are what we value most, such as peacefulness, pure nature, relaxing sauna, a spoonful of traditional treatments and organic food. You can transform yourself into a new person during your holiday in Bhutan.


The retreat tour will also show you Bhutan’s stunning natural environment, ancient Buddhist temples and friendly hospitable local people and their culture.


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